Hanging Moisture Absorber

Hanging Moisture Absorber

Hanging Moisture Absorber is unique container desiccant system which prevents condensation, damp and corrosion from occurring by absorbing humidity from the air before it can condense and settle on your valuable items. As the Moisture Absorber Crystals absorb humidity, the resulting liquid is deposited into the bottom of the pole, holding in excess of 2 Litres of liquid in what is regarded a sealed unit.

Product Details


Weight1 kilo per strip
Absorption typemoisture & humidity 
Material  calcium chloride & starch 
Usagetrap moisture, control humidity 
Packing double layer  
Size 15*85cm  
Package 12 strips per box 
Box size46*28*26cm 
FeatureSuper dry container desiccant, haning desiccant for container 
MOQ10 boxes(120 strips)
Price $3-5$ per strip depending on quantity and delivery term 

100-500 strips:3-5 working days

500-2000 strips:5-7 working days

2000-10000:7-12 working days

Payment T/T, L/C, West Union, PayPal, 


Cost saving - High absorption capacity per bag

Easy handling - Unpack, hang, done

High security - Very strong hook for hanging. Liquid is captured

Universal application - Can be placed directly on goods or hang

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