Maritime Container Desiccant

Maritime Container Desiccant

During marince transportation, moisture control is very important to protect the quality of products. Desiccant can be solution for moisture and humid air. Chunwang available desiccant strips are in 500g,1000g,1500g.

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1. Why is the import and export of seaborne cargo getting wet?

High-temperature air can contain more water vapor than cold air. 

at 40 °C, 1 m3 of air can contain up to 51.20 g of water vapor, 

at 20 °C, 1 m3 of air can only contain up to 17.30 g of water vapor, and excess 33.9 g of water vapor. 

Will condense into water droplets and be removed from the air. That's why we saw the frost in the fall in the summer.

2. Why can container desiccant prevent container cargo from getting wet?

absorbs the water vapor in the container air from the time of installation. 

control the humidity in the container to a suitable level to ensure that there is no excess condensation in the air when the temperature drops sharply, thus avoiding the container fog. 

The following figure shows the results of experiments with and without container desiccant:


Without desiccant                                             with desiccant 

3. What conditions must the container desiccant meet?

1) High moisture absorption rate and fast moisture absorption rate: more than 200% 

2) long lasting performance and efficiency:602-90 days 

3) wide application of temperature:-5℃-90℃

4) Safe and reliable, no leakage risk:

5) Must comply with environmental protection requirements:

At present, Europe, the United States and the world are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection requirements of imported goods. The desiccant as a packaging auxiliary must meet all environmental requirements in order to meet the needs of export goods. Such as: meet ROHS and REACH requirements, do not contain DMF, can be treated as general waste.

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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