Shipping Container Moisture Absorber Strips

Shipping Container Moisture Absorber Strips

Shipping Container Moisture Absorber Strips also called container desiccant, drying agent,moisture collectors are designed for cargo protection inside container. Its available sizes from 500-2000 gram. Different types can meet the needs of different cargo(agrindustry,machinery, furniture,appliances) and packages(boxes, pallets, cases),delivery(truck,ocean,air)

Product Details

Brief introduction

As goods move through ocean cargo containers systems, they are susceptible to water damage from condensation of moisture due to high humidity and day-to-night temperature changes-"container rain".Ching Hai decissant provides good protection in containers by ensuring significant moisture reduction. By absorbing moisture in shipping or storage, keeping cargo dry and safe. The product is ready-to-use, quick and easy in a variety of shipping containers. 


Recieving water damaged goods when importing can have a major impact on the wallet of the importer. Discover the causes of this type of damage and how you can protect your investment.

What is the cost of water damage?

How does Moisture Form within Shipping Containers?

  • Humidity from Loading Location

  • Temperature Changes En Route

Absorber, disposable moisture, corrugated carton strip

Moisture Trap provides dampness protection that is ideal for home and lifestyle uses.

Moisture absorption for your home pantry

Moisture protection for wooden products such as cabinets and furniture

Protection of electronic products including computers and stereo equipment

Leather goods as well as shoes, coats and jackets

Metal products including safes and storage boxes

Textile products together with seasonal clothing and bath items

Suggested areas to hang the strips include:

- Medium sized closets

- Basement storage and laundry areas

- Inside humid portable storage units

- Lifestyle areas such as recreational vehicles and boats in addition to light duty and heavy duty truck cabs

Absorbs 200% of its own weight - Prevents mold and mildew

Works up to a 750 cubic ft. area and lasts up to 45 days

Spill and mess free - Disposable

Key advantages

Simple solution

Improved safety and performance

Increased appearance

Multiple range of applications


Easy to use

Effective barrier reducing slip-fall risk

Aesthetic and functional warning device

Single solution for multiple tasks

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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