Moisture Control In Shipping Containers

Moisture Control In Shipping Containers

Moisture Control in Shipping Containers will reduce the loss caused by moisture damage. Calcium chloride based desiccant is the most adpoted moisture control article in the market.

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Container Rain

At standard atmospheric pressure, at a certain temperature, the water vapor in the air reaches


At 100%, the amount of water vapor contained in the unit volume of air is constant. 

Relative humidity

It refers to the ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air to the amount of water vapor contained in the saturated state (100%).

The container is a relatively closed environment, through the gap or venting holes and the outside air

Volume exchange is limited in a short time. 

During the daytime, the temperature inside the box is very high.

(38 °C), the humidity is at a relatively low level (65%); at night, 

Large drop (30 ° C), but the water content in the whole air has not changed much (also

Is 27g/m3), the relative humidity rises sharply

Containers with frequent fog and rain have the following characteristics:

A. Most of the sea areas passing by the loading place or cargo ship are hot and humid, but the destination is

The temperature is relatively low, indeed.

B. A water-containing material such as a wooden box is used as a transport package.

There are several types of water in the container:

The goods are self-contained

2, the box is condensed 

3, the sea water is dip 

4, the fresh water is immersed, 

What measures are needed for container moisture protection?

Packing goods with barrier packaging materials

Packing goods with barrier materials such as aluminum foil bags, PE bags, etc., can avoid packaging

Water vapor is emitted into the container to increase the humidity inside the container, and even if it is subject to assembly

The influence of the box mist and rain can also effectively prevent the goods from directly contacting the liquid water and causing damage.

Avoid the use of aqueous packaging materials as much as possible

Paper and wooden pallets are all aqueous packaging materials. When the moisture content of these materials is too high, no

Suspected to increase the possibility of container fog and rain, in addition, some buffering and fixing materials are also

Contains a certain amount of water, when the temperature inside the container is too high, the moisture of these materials will be large

The amount of volatilization causes the humidity inside the case to rise sharply.

Use of package desiccant

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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