Warehouse Moisture Control

Warehouse Moisture Control

Desiccant is one of the way to prevent moisture condensation at warehouse. Usually super efficient desiccant can be placed at the warehouse, which will last for more than 60 days.

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Moisture problem at warehouse:

Regardless of food, medicine, or electronic products, the problem of mechanical equipment in the warehouse storage process is that it is damaged by humid air; however, many factories and enterprises have not found effective moisture-proof and dehumidification work, so the factory warehouses of the manufacturers after the rain It is very easy to get wet. Once the warehouse is affected by humid air, a lot of items in the warehouse are dangerous.

Moisture Control at warehouse-with desiccant 

1. Due to the humidity of the air, everything is difficult to dry. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the use of wet rags and wet mops to clean the warehouse according to the situation. Instead, use dry rags and dry mops.

2. Since the water in the air encounters tiny particles and easily condenses into water droplets, the goods and the ground should be kept clean, and there is no more dust to reduce the formation of surface water droplets.

3. Humidity observation should be carried out outside the library. When the humidity inside the warehouse is higher than 15 degrees above the reservoir, the ventilation window and ventilation slot should be opened in time to ventilate and ventilate. Otherwise, the warehouse must be closed.

4. Lime is an adsorbent. 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. In the rainy days, the lime can be wrapped in cloth or sacks and placed in the library to keep the indoor air dry.

5. For small warehouses, powerful fans can be turned on to enhance air convection in the warehouse and reduce condensation of water droplets.

6, can not be covered with a film to waterproof beads, because it can not be completely sealed, there will still be a lot of water vapor under the film, after forming a water droplet, due to the film covered, it is difficult to evaporate, prone to mold.

7. The warehouse with the exhaust fan should keep the fan open.

8. Carton cargo stacking should not be too dense and should be as loose as possible. If it is too tight, air convection will be severely restricted, and humid air will not be scattered for a long time.

9. For heavy goods in the box, the stacking height should be reduced as much as possible. If the stacking is high, the outer box will be softened by the tide, the bearing capacity will drop, and the corner of the outer box will be broken due to heavy pressure.

10. When inspecting the goods, the sealing tape of the outer box of the goods should be carefully checked. When the surface of the goods is wet, the sealing tape will firstly condense the tiny water droplets. Once found, employees must be wiped and other dehumidification measures.

11. The goods must be placed on the platform, and cannot be stacked directly on the ground. For warehouses that cannot obtain the floor plates in a short time, they must be turned over regularly. The goods in contact with the ground cannot be volatilized due to the penetration of water on the ground and condense into water. Over time, there will be severe mildew in the outer box of the goods.

Prevent moisture at warehouse:

1. Check whether all the leaking points of the warehouse roof and the loading and unloading awning have been effectively sealed.

2. Check whether the seal is complete after the doors and windows of the warehouse are closed.

3. Check if the warehouse ventilation operation is normal.

4. Check whether the drainage facilities in the warehouse are intact and blocked.

5. Check whether the tools such as warehouse rag, mop, dehumidification material and rainproof film are complete.

6. Conduct a rain-proof and moisture-proof mobilization meeting for all members of the warehouse, and conduct training on the methods of preventing rain and moisture in the warehouse.

7. The person in charge of the warehouse shall, according to the specific conditions of the warehouse, formulate a targeted “Wasteproof and moisture proof checklist for warehouses”, and arrange personnel inspections at regular intervals.

8. The person in charge of the warehouse must inform the employees of the emergency action plan and clarify the division of labor.

9. The person in charge of the warehouse must pay attention to the latest weather forecast issued by radio and television stations, and report it to all employees to take countermeasures.

10. It must be reported in time for the occurrence of more serious wet and humid conditions.

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