High Efficient CaCl2 Desiccant Bag For Transportation And Storage

Chunwang Calcium Chloride Desiccant uses high-quality powder calcium chloride as raw material, which has a high moisture absorption rate of more than 200%. With the addition of water-locking ingredients, the raw material changes from powder to gel after moisture absorption, which locks the moisture, eliminate the risk of leakage.

Product Details

Product Description

calcium chloride drying agent has the high abrobing capacity, the absorption capacity can lasting for 60 days, the moisture rate up to its own weight 200% (RH≥90%). It will change into gel directly after adsorbing the moisture. Held the moisture in the desiccant bag and low down the relative humidity effectively of the sealed package. Insured that the safe storage and transporting of the products. And non-toxic, odorless and tastless, non-corrosiveness, green initiative, harmless to human body.




1.200% Moisture ratealone the transportation,work effectively for two months.

2.Turn into gel after absorbed moisture,water trapped into desiccant bag without leaking out.

3.Packed with Tyvek ,card paper which is color printedwith your company logo and texts in your requirement ,holes in the card paper extend the using life of desiccant.

4.With a wide temperature range of application(10-90°C).

5.High quality material(high moisture adsorption calcium chloride) which is environmental protection to cargo and human healthy.

6.Packaging can be designed according to your application.





1) Convenient: Simply flat, suspended or hanging, to suit any cargo. 2) Completely leak proof( ture to gel). 3) Does not abstruct loading space. 4) Cost effective

Product Specification

ClassificationChemical Auxiliary Agent
Absorption Rate300%
Weight10 g
Packing MaterialTyvek + PE
Adsorbent VarietyAdsorbent Variety
Shelf Life2 years
Size85*100 mm

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