Moisture-Proof CaCl2 Desiccant Bag

Moisture-Proof CaCl2 Desiccant Bag

Chunwang Calcium Chloride Desiccant uses high-quality powder calcium chloride as raw material, which has a high moisture absorption rate of more than 200%. With the addition of water-locking ingredients, the raw material changes from powder to gel after moisture absorption, which locks the moisture, eliminate the risk of leakage.

Product Details

Company Information

1. Company History: Established in 1998, CHUNWANG Group is a set of R&D, production and marketing enterprise

2. Product Series: Silica gel desiccants, clay desiccants, montmorillonite desiccants, oxygen absorber, pharmaceutical desiccant, humidity indicator card,  deodorizers, household moisture absorbers, toilet bowl cleaners, air fresheners, etc.

3. Enterprise Scale: more than 12000 square meters, more than 200 staff 

4. Certificates: RoHS, REACH,DMF, ISO9001: 2008 , ISO14001:2004,BSCI etc.

5. Customers: Sanrio, Aldi, Coach, Vanguard, Samsung, Toshiba, Flextronics, DHL, etc

Product Specification

ClassificationChemical Auxiliary Agent
Absorption Rate300%
Weight10 g
Packing MaterialTyvek + PE
Adsorbent VarietyAdsorbent Variety
Shelf Life2 years
Size85*100 mm

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