2gram Food Desiccant In Aihua Paper

2gram Food Desiccant In Aihua Paper

Silica gel desiccant for food use, packed in food grade aihua paper. Desiccant packet can contact with food or medicine directly.

Product Details

2gram food desiccant in aihua paper

Silica gel desiccant specially for food and medicine use. Packed in aihua paper(one kind of high grade non-woven fabric).

Performance parameters:

Moisture content: <5%

PH value:4-7

Moisture absorption rate: ≥30%(When T=25℃,RH=90%)

Reference standard: JIS-Z0701

Size: 25*45mm

Packing quantity: 7500pcs/ctn

 Application: widely used in nuts, chips, dried fruit, health supplement, medicine,etc.