Medicine Bottle Use 1g Desiccant In HDPE Canister

Medicine Bottle Use 1g Desiccant In HDPE Canister

Desiccant in HDPE canister, the packing material is stronger and will not break.Widely use in medicine bottle, health supplement product etc.

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Medicine bottle use 1g desiccant in HDPE canister


This kind of food grade desiccant is packed in HDPE canister, produced in clean workshop. It used in packages of health supplement or medicine, such as bottles, boxes, packet etc. Its


Item No.:1300300011

1gram silica gel desiccant canister

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1g 柱状应用图


Product details:

Product name1gram silica gel desiccant canister
Sizediameter=13mm, height=18mm
Packing quantity7500pcs/carton
Moisture absorption rate≥30%
Shelf lifeat least 1 year

Goods are sold in full carton. If want to get more information, please contact us without hesitation!

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