Self-adhesive Desiccant Packet With Hook

Self-adhesive Desiccant Packet With Hook

Chunwang Calcium Chloride Desiccant uses high-quality powder calcium chloride as raw material, which has a high moisture absorption rate of more than 200%. With the addition of water-locking ingredients, the raw material changes from powder to gel after moisture absorption, which locks the moisture, eliminate the risk of leakage.

Product Details

Company Information

1. Company History: Established in 1998, CHUNWANG Group is a set of R&D, production and marketing enterprise

2. Product Series: Silica gel desiccants, clay desiccants, montmorillonite desiccants, oxygen absorber, pharmaceutical desiccant, humidity indicator card,  deodorizers, household moisture absorbers, toilet bowl cleaners, air fresheners, etc.

3. Enterprise Scale: more than 12000 square meters, more than 200 staff 

4. Certificates: RoHS, REACH,DMF, ISO9001: 2008 , ISO14001:2004,BSCI etc.

5. Customers: Sanrio, Aldi, Coach, Vanguard, Samsung, Toshiba, Flextronics, DHL, etc

Moisture Solution

Chunwang calcium chloride desiccant has the characteristics of high moisture absorption exceeding 200%. It is often used to solve the following products' moisture prevention needs clothing, textiles, furniture, home appliances, daily necessities, crafts, agricultural products, electronics


Long-distance transport by truck, rail or ship, road, air & marine shipments.

Automotive sector; the paper and furniture industries; as well as the electronics, machine construction and metal industries.

Remove condensation include taste changes in foods, decay, fungal growth, corrosion of metals and glass, or the fading of colours.

Prevent mould and drip of markings and labels, attacks boxes and filling materials, weakens packaging.

12-18 strips per 20ft. container

Product Specification

ClassificationChemical Auxiliary Agent
Absorption Rate300%
Weight10 g
Packing MaterialTyvek + PE
Adsorbent VarietyAdsorbent Variety
Shelf Life2 years
Size85*100 mm
Lead Time5-14 working days


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