Moisture Absorbing Silica Gel Desiccator

Moisture Absorbing Silica Gel Desiccator

Product name: Moisture Absorbing Silica Gel Desiccator
Item code: 2-12AA70-046
Size: 35*48mm
Packaging: 2000pcs/bag, 3bags/ctn
Use space≈ 1L(sealed)
Application: hats, bags, toys, stainless stationery etc.

Product Details

Moisture Absorbing Silica Gel Desiccator Detail:

Size: 35*48mm Use space≈ 1L(sealed)
Material: Type A silica gel beads Weight: 0.5g-1000g/bag
Silica Gel Color: White, orange, blue Certification: DMF-free, ROHS, REACH by SGS
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent Packaging: 2000pcs/bag, 3bags/ctn
Application: hats, bags, toys, stainless stationery Chemical: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
Function: Absorb moisture, mold, and keep the product in good condition
Use For: Garments, shoes, textiles, wood-works, furniture, electronic products, food, etc.


1. It's a physical adsorption desiccant rather than a chemical reaction moisture desiccant, and silica gel is the only FDA approved desiccant materials that it can contact with food and drug products directly. Comparing with other desiccants, it is safe to use in food moisture absorption.

2. Silicone moisture absorbent desiccant is compact and extremely durable. It adopts dust-free packaging and takes up little space, in the meanwhile, it also has strong moisture absorption capacity.

3. It is a transparent or milky white granular solid. It has an open porous structure and has strong adsorption effects on various substances.

4. If stored under confined conditions, its shelf life can be extended almost indefinitely.

5. It will absorb 40% of its own weight of water vapor. The adsorption efficiency is about 30 times of a typical desiccant, making silica a preferred material for desiccant materials.


Applicable products and industries:

1. Agricultural and sideline products: large dry goods such as rice, flour, grain, tea, dried fruit, tobacco, coffee, etc.

2. Food and beverage: filled food, bagged food, etc.

3. Wood and paper products: wood, wood crafts, wooden furniture, cartons, paper bags, etc.

4. Textiles and leather: furniture, clothing, cloth, carpets, shoes, bags, etc.

5. Automotive industry: automotive parts

6. Plastic products: plastic parts

7. Glass: automotive glass, insulating glass, and others

8. Metal products: metal furniture, fitness equipment, metal machinery, chains, bridges, iron sheets,  aluminum products, etc.

9. Electronic products: computer accessories, electronic toys, etc.

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