Refillable Interior Moisture Absorber

Refillable Interior Moisture Absorber

Interior moisture absorber takes great quality calcium chloride as main ingredient, can absorb moisture well to prevent mold & mildew and helps protect against damp & condensation.
Available model: 400ml /200g, 700ml/300g, 900ml/450g
Scent available: Jasmin, lavender, rose, lemon, ocean

Product Details

Refillable Interior Moisture Absorber Details:

Ingredient: calcium chloride

Shape: solid, pellets

Packing: plastic box, shrink film

Feature: eco-friendly, stocked

Expiration: 3 years(sealed)

Type: dehumidifier

The indoor hygroscopic agent is made of high-quality calcium chloride, which can absorb water well and prevent mold, moisture and condensation.

Optional models: 400ml / 200g, 700ml / 300g, 900ml / 450g

Effective Control of Moisture:

Refillable moisture absorbers are a useful solution to reduce extra moisture in the air and prevent damage usually caused by moisture. It also eliminates the odor caused by moisture. It will dry the air to the extent that it will not damage plants, furniture or household items.

It is placed in the damp of wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, etc., which can quickly remove moisture. It is the first choice for moisture protection of valuables in spring, and it is also a must for computer digital electronic products. It can also absorb formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases in the air.


Dehumidification, mildew, moisture and deodorization. When it is placed in the damp of wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, etc., it can quickly remove moisture. And it can be used in rainy and humid seasons, keeping the air fresh and dry and reducing the cold.


Open the outer packaging, open the lid, and gently peel off the upper sealing aluminum foil (be careful not to damage the lower white waterproof breathable membrane), cover the lid, and put it in a place where moisture is required.


1. Moisture absorption, deodorization, mildew.

2. Strong moisture absorption system allows moisture to form moisture into the water storage grid.

3. Transparent box body, moisture collection function at a glance.

4. Lock water paper leak-proof design, moisture will not leak.

5. Easy to use, please replace when you are finished using.


1. The sealing adopts imported hygroscopic paper, which has high air permeability, fast moisture absorption, more moisture absorption and high density. Even if it is dumped, the solution in the box will not be exposed, and the user is more secure.

2. The content of the use of high-quality spherical calcium chloride. The size is rules with white color. It has smooth surface solid in the middle, fewer impurities, no debris, high moisture absorption, and the formed aqueous solution is clean and colorless.

3. The box body is made of a new high-quality material, with high toughness and not easy to break.


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