Scented Interior Moisture Absorber

Scented Interior Moisture Absorber

The raw material of absorber is calcium which excess moisture to prevent mold & mildew and helps protect against damp & condensation. Helps eliminate musty odors. Absorbs moisture up to 2 times its own weight.

Product Details

Scented Interior Moisture Absorber Details:

Type: dehumidifier

Shape: Solid, pellets

Ingredient: calcium chloride

Function: Moisture absorption

Packing: plastic box, shrink film

Expiration: 3 years(sealed)

The raw material of absorber is calcium which excess moisture to prevent mold  mildew and helps protect against damp  condensation. It helps eliminate musty odors and absorbs moisture up to 2 times its own weight.

When the damp weather causes damage to your fabric, furniture and almost everything else, the moisture absorbent instantly absorbs excess moisture. This is a must protection device that keeps clothes and furniture free of a mold when all other devices fail. This powerful hygrometer is versatile and can be used on most surfaces to give your home a new look.

Product description:

Available model: 300ml/100g,400ml / 190g, 500ml/236g, 600ml/280g

Size: 15.1*8.6*6.4 cm, 15.1*8*8.5, cm, 15.1*8.10.6, cm, 15.1*8*13.5cm

Available scent: Jasmin, lavender, rose, lemon, ocean

It can set up fast and easily in a single-use product, absorbing moisture and preventing mildew. It is effective for up to 1 to 3 months (depending on the environment humidity).

Sealed safety cover keeps children and pets safe.


Strong moisture absorption, prevent mold growth and eliminate odor.

Strong moisture absorption, leak-proof design, safe and convenient.

Product Usage:

1. Wardrobe, shoe cabinets and other confined spaces, high-end valuables moisture-proof.

2. Remove moisture from wet places such as wardrobes, drawers, shoe cabinets, bookcases, storage compartments, and musical instruments.

3. Absorb new house moisture.

4. Placed indoors, effectively prevent high-grade wooden furniture, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, electronic products, etc.


1. Open the top cover, tear off the upper aluminum foil, and put the top cover back to the original place.

2. When the white moisture absorbent forms all moisture, it needs to be replaced.

3. The liquid in the container is weakly alkaline and non-toxic. Please pour the liquid into the drain.

4. If there is crystal solidification at the bottom, please pour it into hot water and let it pour out after 10 minutes.


Do not drop or rupture the container, nor scratch the upper absorbent paper.

Not edible.

The liquid in the container is alkaline and cannot be reused. Please pour it into the sink and discard it.

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