200cc Oxygen Absorbers Packing

200cc Oxygen Absorbers Packing

The oxygen absorber is also named De Sanso agent. It can effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold by absorbing the oxygen in the packaging, preventing from mildew, lipid oxidation, insects, aging, discoloration, rust, and extend shelf life.

Product Details

200cc Oxygen Absorbers Packing Details:

MF: Fe

Purity: 99.6%

Type: adsorbent

Adsorbent Variety: iron powder

Package: vacuum packing

Application: food


The product is a non-additive type preservative. Fine particles can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria, inhibit the bacteria to keep them fresh and nutritious ingredients, extend the food delivery period, prevent rancidity of the oil, prevent the oxidation of meat and prevent the loss of vitamins in food. It can play very good inhibition.



Item No.



Oxygen uptake (ML)

200cc oxygen absorbers



7.6g plusmn;0.4


Technical principle:

It is not a food additive. It absorbs the oxygen in the packaging container by the principle of iron powder oxidation and rapidly reduces the oxygen concentration to less than 0.01% within 0.5-2 working days. Thereby ensurethat the article is not oxidized and deteriorated. The reaction is stable andhas no strange smell, and no harmful gas is generated.


1. Chinese and Western style cakes: Mid-Autumn moon cakes, European cakes, waffles, Swiss rolls, Ma Department, mung bean cake, rice cake, walnut cake, wife cake, light cake, almond cake and so on.

2. Poultry meat food: beef jerky, dried pork, chicken wings, sausage, ham, meat, meat, pine and so on.

3. Nuts roasted seeds and nuts food: pistachio, macadamia, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, walnuts, chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, multi-flavored beans.

4. Aquatic dry goods: dried abalone, dried fish, scallops, squid, seaweed, grilled fish fillets, etc.

5. Other mountain foods: tea, seaweed, laurel, dried lychee, dried mushrooms, jujube, dried wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, beans, persimmon cake, dried sweet potato, rice, etc.

6. Medicines and health products: Chinese herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, health care products, etc.

7. Non-food products: precision instruments, military products, books, cultural relics, tobacco, etc.

8. Animal feed: fishing bait, pet feed.

Precautions for use:

1. When bagging fresh-keeping items, it is recommended to separate the deoxidizer with a plastic tray. The periphery of the plastic holder is smooth, and there is no burr or corner to pierce the bag.

2. Seal as soon as possible, and ensure that the heat seal is smooth and free from wrinkles and dust. The width of the heat seal portion should be about 5mm.

3. When oxygen is in contact with the air, it must be completed as soon as possible within one hour. If it has been used, it can not be used again. The remaining part of the bag should be drained as much as possible.

4. It is safe, non-toxic and safe to use, but it cannot be eaten. Please indicate the word ldquo; not edible rdquo; on the outer packaging of the food. Do not heat in the microwave oven, please indicate on the relevant product packaging.

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