30cc Oxygen Removers Absorbers Packets for Food Storage

30cc Oxygen Removers Absorbers Packets for Food Storage

The oxygen absorber is also named De Sanso agent. It can effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold by absorbing the oxygen in the packaging, preventing from mildew, lipid oxidation, insects, aging, discoloration, rust, and extend shelf life.

Product Details

Removers Absorbers Packets for Food Storage Deails:

Purity: 99.6%

Package: vacuum packing

Type: adsorbent

Adsorbent Variety: iron powder

MF: Fe

ODM/OEM: available


When Oxygen removers absorbers packets for food storage used, the oxygen in the package is greatly reduced. The absorbent reliably reduces the oxygen content to 0.01% or less. The benefit of using an oxygen absorber in the home is to extend the shelf life of the item. Prevent the growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms, including mold.

Main ingredient:

Reduced iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, vermiculite, sodium chloride, water.


1. The advantage of oxygen-absorbing pouches and vacuum packaging is that the food is not crushed or squeezed because some products are of high value and are fragile and simple to use.

2. Sealing and packaging together with the food in the food bag can remove the oxygen remaining in the bag, prevent the food from oxidative discoloration, deterioration, and rancidity, and also inhibit the growth of mold, aerobic bacteria, and food pests.


1. Significantly improve the preservation quality of polyunsaturated fats and oils

2. Helps preserve the fresh-baked flavor of coffee and nuts

3. Prevent oxidation of the fragrance oil resin present in the fragrance itself and in the flavored food

4. Prevent oxidation of vitamins A, C, and E

5. Extend the life of the drug

6. Delayed non-enzymatic browning of fruits and some vegetables

7. Inhibits oxidation and condensation of red pigment in most berries and sauces



Item No.



Oxygen uptake (ML)

30cc oxygen absorbers



2.3g plusmn;0.15



1. Bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries

2. Nuts and snacks

3. Coffee and tea

4. Full-fat dry food

5. Flour and grain

6. Art preservation

7. Drugs and vitamins

8. Dried fruits and vegetables

9. Spices and seasonings

10. Bird food and pet food

11. Medical diagnostic kits and equipment

12. Fresh and pre-cooked pasta and noodles

13. Processed, smoked and cured meat cheeses and dairy products

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