50cc Oxy Sorb Oxygen Absorbers

50cc Oxy Sorb Oxygen Absorbers

50cc Oxy Sorb Oxygen Absorbers is also named De Sanso agent. It can effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold by absorbing the oxygen in the packaging, preventing from mildew, lipid oxidation, insects, aging, discoloration, rust, and extend shelf life.

Product Details

Sorb Oxygen Absorbers Details:

MF: Fe

Purity: 99.6%

Type: adsorbent

Adsorbent Variety: iron powder

Package: vacuum packing

Application: food


The Oxy Sorb Oxygen absorbers exerts its function through a chemical reaction. They contain iron powder, which reacts with oxygen in the air, causing the iron powder to rust. When all of the iron powder is oxidized, the oxygen absorber is "loaded" and the absorption stops. The oxygen is removed from the active absorber and the chemical reaction is stopped. Put them back in the air and the reaction starts again.

It is additive that absorb oxygen and slow the oxidation of foods. It can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and aerobic bacteria, prolong the shelf life of food, and also play a good role in preventing rancidity of oil, preventing oxidative browning of meat and preventing loss of vitamins in food.

Main ingredient:

Reduced iron powder, activated carbon,diatomaceous earth,vermiculite, sodium chloride, water.



Item No.



Oxygen uptake (ML)

50cc oxygen absorbers






1. Complete oxygen removal, which can quickly reduce the oxygen concentration in the bag to less than 0.01% in a short time.

2. Maintain a long-term anaerobic state.

3. has a wide range of effects, effective for oxidation and discoloration.

4. Available for powder and liquid foods.

5. The taste of food will not change.

6. Separated from the food, not with the food into the body, you can use it with confidence, very safe.

7. The price is appropriate, small size, easy to use and other special features, easy to popularize.


It is generally based on iron powder and is used in general foods to maintain food quality and extend shelf life. It is used in healthy foods to prevent oxidation of oils, preventing fading and maintain nutrients. It has been widely used for wet bread flour, wet noodles, wet vermicelli, wet snacks, semi-dry fish products, and other foods. At present, the deoxidizer form is in addition to the bag, and there is also a cap. The bag is used for bagged food, and the cap is used for containers such as bottles and cans.

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