150 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag

150 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag

​Product Type: 150 gram bamboo charcoal bag
Raw Material: bamboo charcoal or activated carbon
Linen Color: Black
N.W.: 150 gram
Size: 8*19cm(75g)

Product Details

150 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag Details:

Raw Material: bamboo charcoal or activated carbon

Packing Material: flannelette fabric (outer)SMS fabric( inner)

Linen Color: BlackPackaging: Blank Opp bag/OEM
N.W.: 150 gramSize of Master Carton: 381*320*310mm
Size: 8*19cm(75g)Carton Color: Brown
OEM service: available

Samples time: 1-2days

Using bamboo charcoal bags to reduce the moisture inside the shoes and remove odors can effectively preventing the growth of bacteria in the feet, and at the same time avoid the sputum caused by the odor.

Product Function:

Bamboo carbon is dense and has an internal specific area of 600m2/g, which is twice that of charcoal. Therefore, it has strong ability to adsorb odor, and also has two-way air humidity regulation and anti-enzyme inhibition function.

Place this product in the shoes to effectively eliminating odor and moisture in the shoes.


The bamboo charcoal has the characteristics of fine and porous, hard texture, good air permeability, good water permeability, good water retention and large surface area.

The deodorized bamboo charcoal bag can be placed in the shoe cabinet or shoes, and exposed to the sun every 2~3 months, which can remove the moisture and odor absorbed by the bamboo charcoal and maintain the good function of the bamboo charcoal. After the bamboo charcoal bag is placed for more than one year, the removed bamboo charcoal particles can be buried in the soil to improve soil activity, prevent pests and diseases, and promote plant growth.


1. Outer packaging materials is flannelette fabric. It is strongly, tough, super dense porous, breathable

2. Inner SMS fabric with good permeability and waterproof.

3. Selected large particles bamboo charcoal, increase the adsorption capacity.



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