75 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag

75 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag

​Product Name: 75 gram bamboo charcoal bag
Color: Green/Grey/black/ Brown/OEM
N.W.: 75 g per unit bag
Size: 80*180 mm
Raw material: Bamboo charcoal

Product Details

75 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag Details:

Product Name: 75-gram bamboo charcoal bagRaw Material: bamboo charcoal
Color: green/grey/black/ brown/OEMPacking Material: SMS + Linen fabric, or pp fabric
N.W.: 75 g per unit bagFunction: eliminating bad odors, dehumidifier, prevents mold, air freshener
Size: 80*180 mm

Available Type: with string or with the hole

Bamboo charcoal bags can not be placed on the floor, because the floor is very wet, it will affect the role of bamboo charcoal.  The bamboo charcoal bag has a wide application and has a good effect on the body. It can promote blood circulation, can eliminate fatigue, and has certain help for insomnia.


1. Air purifier naturally absorbs odor, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens

2. The dehumidifier helps prevent mold, mold, excess moisture

3. 100% natural fragrance-free, non-toxic

4. Eco-friendly and sustainable natural resources

5. Rejuvenate for one hour in direct sunlight


1.100% natural and environmental-friendly

Bamboo charcoal has more than five years of life and can be burned by under more than 800-degree high temperature.

2.Double layer package

Inner: PP non-woven fabric cloth has good permeability and waterproof function which can prevent small particles of bamboo charcoal scattering out

Outer: Compact linen can solve the jump line problem because we added chemicals in the process.


It can be reusable after under sunshine 1-2 hours when you use every 1-3 months. It valid for three years if not use and one year after use.

4.OEM customized

Send the specific information(size,shape,color,logo,style etc)then I will check the price for 1-2 work days.

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