Desiccant Calcium Chloride

Desiccant Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride as desiccant to absorb moisture by chemical absorption. It is widely used for packaging of garments, furniture, electronics, hardware, pallets, metal products, etc

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This substance allows the active ingredient to adhere to the surface of the granules, making the liquid trace compound additive a solid compound, facilitating uniform mixing. It is a solid substance that can effectively adsorb some of its constituents from gases or liquids. It has large specific surface, suitable pore structure and surface structure; it has strong adsorption capacity to adsorbate; it generally does not react with adsorbate and medium; it is easy to manufacture and easy to regenerate; it has excellent adsorption and mechanical properties. 

Chemical Absorption

Chemical adsorption is the transfer, exchange or sharing of electrons between an adsorbate molecule and a solid surface atom (or molecule) to form an adsorption chemical bond. Due to the uneven force field on the solid surface, the atoms on the surface often have the remaining bonding ability. When the gas molecules collide on the solid surface, electrons exchange, transfer or share with the surface atoms to form an adsorption bond. effect.

Calcium chloride as desiccant

easily absorbs moisture in the air with adsorption effects such as electrostatic dehumidification, odor elimination;

adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, and non-toxic and odorless contact corrosive environment. 

Widely used in oil seal light health food and military products moisture-proof, dehumidification packaging. 

Desiccant Calcium Chloride


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