100g Sorb-Plus Magnesium Chloride Desiccant

100g Sorb-Plus Magnesium Chloride Desiccant

Curing after absorption. After Sorb-Plus Desiccant absorbing moisture, moisture and desiccant will have curing reaction, generated non-toxic and tasteless insoluble solid, making moisture is difficult to go back to air, so that it can make environment dry steadily. While other physical adsorption desiccant will just absorb moisture and store in microvoid, when environment temperature goes down, moisture will be squeezed out.

Product Details

100g Sorb-Plus Desiccant Protecting Cargo From Moisture Damage

Sorb-Plus Desiccant could plunder any moisture in the air, and could absorb them all if its quantity is enough, creating a perfect dry environment. It is especially applicable to storage industry that has severe requirements for the humidity.

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