Cylinder Silica Gel Capsule Desiccant 1g

Cylinder Silica Gel Capsule Desiccant 1g

This product is made by filling silica gel beads into a pharmaceutical-grade HDPE canister. Because of its small size, it’s convenient for automated packaging in pharmaceutical and dietary supplement bottle products for moisture protection.

Product Details

Cylinder Silica Gel Capsule Desiccant 1g


①The canister is made of PP plastic without risk of fiber contamination; 

②The material has high strength and strong compression resistance; 

③The uniform mesh-like structure ensures a stable rate of moisture absorption.

Can be automatically inserted by machines, saving labor costs.

Chunwang Testing Standards

The testing standards of Chunwang silica gel desiccant canister are based on FDA testing standards and are fully in compliance with pharmaceutical-grade applications.

Common specifications are 1g, 3g, please contact customer service staff for more sizes.

HDPE pharmaceutical silica gel canister


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