Milk White Wax Paper For Food Silica Gel Desiccant

Milk White Wax Paper For Food Silica Gel Desiccant

CHUNWANG® food-grade silica gel desiccant is produced in dust-free workshop,with class-A silica gel beans used and dust-free production condition, according to FDA standards, it can contact food directly. the absorption rate can be up to 30%. It is the best choice for food/pharmaceutical storage.

Product Details

1, Good oil penetration resistance, good dust resistance

2, Good heat-sealing performance

3, According to FDA standards, can contact with food directly

※ medicines, food, dietary supplement can be easily decomposed of dissolved, distributing odors, what’s worse, the efficacy of the pharmaceutical get reduced.

※ CHUNWANG pharmaceutical desiccant is specially designed for medicines, foods and dietary supplements, an other products. The desiccant bag are packed inside transparent Aiwa paper or TYVEK(Dupont), which complies with Pharmaceutical Standard YBB00122005.

※ Refined by ultraviolet sterilization, sub-packaged in dust-free workshop and other progress

※ Back seal, precise size and good appearance

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